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Parking at Fistral Beach

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  • Parking at Fistral Beach

    Hi everyone. I had parked up at fistral beach and little did I know until I got a PCN through the door that you get charged soon as you drive past camera. Well the day I was there I was looking for parking it looked like it was one in one out. There are not signs to say how many spaces are available which would make it easier for everyone. However I was driving slowly round the car park. I found parking after about 10mins. I walked over to the machine purchased a ticked for an hour which was 1.80 however I paid 2 with no change given. I was with my wife and daughter and walked to the beach let her play for while and before my ticket had expired I was back at the car. As kids are there was sand everywhere and whilst clearing that up before she sits in the car we were driving out only to be blocked by someone who was trying to park their motor home in a tight gap as there was no parking. The PCN says I exited the car park 11 mins after my ticked at expired. Would like to appeal because of what had happened. What should I do? Please help.
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    Re: Parking at Fistral Beach

    There is another thread in the correct section that has replies


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      Re: Parking at Fistral Beach


      "The driver left within the stated time but had to wait for a motorhome to squeeze in to a tight space"

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