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Parking Eye - Crown Wharf, Walsall

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  • Parking Eye - Crown Wharf, Walsall


    The driver visited this retail park without prior knowledge of the parking scam that goes on there as they are from out of the area. On the day in question, they drove through without stopping to park there as it was that busy as it was a sunday and left.
    Total time from entry to exit is 16 minutes.

    No appeal has been made as yet and any advice would be greatly received prior to it starting with regard to wording it correctly.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Please find attached a copy of the PCN
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    Re: Parking Eye - Crown Wharf, Walsall

    Simple response:

    You have failed to comply with the requirements of POFA 2012 to hold me, the keeper, liable for any alleged charges for the referenced event. Please contact the driver.

    As you have no claim against me then please remove my details from your system and confirm within 21 days that this has been done. Further actions against me can only cause further distress. Please take this as a Section 10 request under the DPA.

    Explanation: To hold the keeper liable without a windscreen ticket then the Notice To Keeper has to be received within 14 days. PE know this, which is why there is no mention of POFA on the notice, unless they are on the reverse.


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      Re: Parking Eye - Crown Wharf, Walsall


      If the drivers identity remains a mystery to Parking Eye you will win at popla with a proper appeal.

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      Private messages are off as all help on this site is on board.

      Please note i am now pretty much without access/time to help 5 days a week. Others will hopefully help you.

      I can only help with what you tell me. Post up information (other than names and addresses!).

      I NEVER enter any appeals or court documentation on your behalf. This is your responsibility.

      Upload images to your thread like this .Email kati@legalbeagles.info if you can't upload images/documents. She doesn't own a crystal ball as far as i'm aware so link to your thread or tell her how to find it !

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        Re: Parking Eye - Crown Wharf, Walsall

        Just wanted to say thanks for the advice given.

        Just to update - I contacted the managing agents for this retail park which are "Broadgate Estates" by email. They responded after a few days and got the 'charge' cancelled.

        Just thought it would be useful info for the benefit of others that it is most definitely worth contacting the landowners management as suggested in mystery1's post whilst also making an appeal.

        Thanks again.



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