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Parking Fine Fistral

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  • Parking Fine Fistral


    Hope someone can help me.

    I parked at Fistral Beach in Newquay on the 18/02/2017
    I recieved a parking ticket from smart parking for 100. They say I entered tHE site at 09:50:50 and left at 14:00:20

    all this is correct. I have replied to the parking ticket and included a scanned image of the parking ticket which clearly states i was able to park there until 21:00. the parking at fistral was 3.00 for over 2 hours.

    they have responded to appeal by saying no payment was made against the full and correct VRM as my vehicle stayed in the car park for 300 minutes. I obviously plan to appeal via POPLA.

    The scanned image unfortunately is quite low resolution and i am struggling to find the original ticket.

    any advice on what to ask for and to include in the POPLA appeal?

    Thanks for any advice given in advance
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    Re: Parking Fine Fistral

    Can you scan and post sanitised versions of the ticket, appeal and signs where possible ?

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    Private messages are off as all help on this site is on board.

    Please note i am now pretty much without access/time to help 5 days a week. Others will hopefully help you.

    I can only help with what you tell me. Post up information (other than names and addresses!).

    I NEVER enter any appeals or court documentation on your behalf. This is your responsibility.

    Upload images to your thread like this .Email kati@legalbeagles.info if you can't upload images/documents. She doesn't own a crystal ball as far as i'm aware so link to your thread or tell her how to find it !

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