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  • Wright and Hassall

    In March 2016 I was abruptly introduced to a company going under the name of CEL. I was not aware of this meeting till a letter arrived in April informing me that i had contravened a parking restriction. This was in the form of a notice to keeper and a request for a payment of £70. I didnít recall any such shortcoming so i ignored it. 8 months later (Dec) a further letter arrived claiming that said company CEL had persistently tried to contact me and the debt was still outstanding and now stood at £110. What wasnít mentioned was my attempt to contact CEL 01158225020 after the first letter on a auto telephone system which requested I leave the pcn No. and they would get back, I am still waiting. A fortnight after the demand for £110, Another letter arrived from zzps Ltd. This letter asked me not to ignore this letter as zzps were a caring company and they only wished to resolve this matter and bring it to a close. And the amount had increased to £170. At the end of Jan 2017 a further letter arrived putting me in the picture as regards court cases i.e. PI-Beavis, and I was being referred to the firm of Wright Hassall. A letter duly turned up informing me that they have had a request from zpps to remind me that I had a outstanding debt and they would like to discuss payment, My attention was also draw to the fact that the amount had risen to £206. What a wonderful firm, they have even enclosed a phone number 01926758101 to talk it over and to offer advice. Further to add, this morning another demand has turned up under the heading Formal Letter Of Claim.
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    Re: Wright and Hassall

    Any advice is welcome.


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      Re: Wright and Hassall

      Zzzps have all the power of a junior disprin. File and ignore.

      If CEL send draft particulars seek advice.

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