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Milton Keynes Council / Vinci Parking

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  • Milton Keynes Council / Vinci Parking


    I'm back with another parking related query and was wondering if I could get some advice?

    I was working for an agent back in September, and in December I was supplied with a company van. What I didn't know was that he had sent the V5 off with my details, making me the registered keeper. At the beginning of January I ceased working for the agent, and accordingly handed back possession of the van. I left the vehicle on his driveway, and handed the key back. The V5 arrived late January and I sent it back with the correct owners details, and provided the details of the company accordingly. In March I received 6 NTO's from MK Council/Vinci Parking, saying I had parked the vehicle illegally.

    I had left the vehicle on a private driveway, and even have an email from the agent which states this too. It turns out that since ceasing working for the agent, he had allowed another employee to use the van.

    The vehicle was being used Untaxed and Uninsured, and accordingly I reported it to the police to ensure that I wouldn't be liable for allowing use of an untaxed/insured vehicle. I called Vinci Parking, however the airhead I spoke to could only respond with "What type of card would you like to make payment on?". I kept trying the number and eventually spoke to someone who was willing to listen. I explained the situation, and provided the correct owner's details. Furthermore, I supplied them copies of emails from the correct owner showing this.

    Subsequently they have registered the debts with the courts, and are now threatening bailiffs etc. I have explained that I had no access to the vehicle, and provided the correct owners details on multiple occasions. However, each letter I letter I send them just makes them send back another 6 auto-generated letters that tell me I owe them more money.

    I have filled all of their forms in, and have spoken to the DVLA as they have requested, however they are adamant that I should pay the fines.

    I was in Milton Keynes last week and popped in their offices as I was passing, I was escorted out by security and told that I would have to liaise with them in court regarding the fine!

    To summarize;
    1. The vehicle wasn't in my possession (It was located 49 miles away from my house)
    2. I didn't have the key, or access to a key, for the vehicle (The agent dropped me and refused to pay my wages[Refused to hand my equipment back too!])
    3. I reported the vehicle as being used illegally (No Tax & Insurance)
    4. I've since had correspondence from Milton Keynes Council Environmental Services claiming I had abandoned the vehicle

    What options do I have? I've explained my side of the story however they feel they can pressure me into paying. I don't really want to be visiting their offices again....


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