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Pcm ticket given on my personal bay

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  • Pcm ticket given on my personal bay

    Hello everyone,

    A Ticket was issued and placed on my windscreen on my personal parking space because the permit had fallen into the car. I am the registered keeper of the car. Tickets are usually placed on the dashboard, and it must have fallen off into the car at some point. Please can someone advise how this can be dealt with. Thank you.

    Signage and ticket has been attached
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    Re: Pcm ticket given on my personal bay

    So get your lease out and see what it says about parking and the requirement to display permits.

    How is it your own personal bay?


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      Re: Pcm ticket given on my personal bay

      [MENTION=39331]ostell[/MENTION], I mean it is allotted to the flat I live. I would usually have to display a permit. It says nothing about it on my lease/tenancy agreement. It was a verbal, and I was given the permit to always display on the dashboard.


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        Re: Pcm ticket given on my personal bay

        So your lease/tenancy agreement does not require the display or payment. Your lease has primacy and the parking company cannot modify it. You are the landholder for that space and the parking compnay are trespassing. Have a look here to understand more.



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