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License revoked on medical grounds 35 week wait for decision

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  • License revoked on medical grounds 35 week wait for decision

    My driving license was revoked in May on "medical grounds" (a suspected mental medical condition submitted by a third party to the DVLA). I filled in the re-application form and sent back the relevant medical forms to the DVLA. My doctor has also filled in a medical questionnaire and sent it back to the DVLA Drivers Medical Group. Due to some errors from the Medical Group on missing sections of forms and delays, I was told that my case is "high priority". Now I've been told that my case has been "escalated" to a different medical team and I have to wait 35 weeks (9 months) for a decision.

    I do not have a mental condition that affects my driving but I was hit by a car 12 years ago and suffered a sub arachnoid haemmorrhage (bleeding on the brain) as a result. However, I learnt how to drive and passed my driving test 10 years after the accident happened. I have already sent a complaint to the Complaints Department of the DVLA, is there any legal advice please on appealing the DVLA's decision?
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    Re: License revoked on medical grounds 35 week wait for decision

    Hi Helen5 & welcome to LB.

    I believe that you can appeal via the Magistrate's court within 6 months of DVLA's decision to revoke.

    Have you spoken to CAB?

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      Re: License revoked on medical grounds 35 week wait for decision

      Hi charitynjw and thank you for your reply,

      I contacted CAB last week and they advised me to go through the DVLA complaints procedure: To send a a letter of complaint to the DVLA Complaints Team, then the DVLA CEO, then an Independent Advisor and then the Ombudsman. I wrote and sent a 5 page letter of complaint to the Complaints team on Monday. If I don't hear back from them or I don't receive a satisfactory reply back, I will contact the CEO.

      As for the Magistrates Court, I am looking for a solicitor to help me. The Drivers Medical Group had told me in May that once they had all of the medical forms they needed, they would make a decision on my license.



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