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Cloned number plate.

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  • Cloned number plate.

    One of my lodgers has had his number plates Cloned . So far there have been three requests for the drivers name for speeding. Two for not paying the dartFord tunnel fee and one for using a mobile phone whilst driving.
    He is as you can imagine deeply worried. So far he has returned the forms sent with a covering letter explaining that the car was parked at the time at my house in Cambridge . He has obtained a statement from his employer that the essential at work fifty miles from where the alleged offences occurred.
    I can voucher for the car being parked at the house at the relevant time and I expect that the neighbours can as well. If it it is any use he has a black box in his car fitted by the insurers. This will show the times the car was started and stopped . I think it may also show the lAston known location. Would a print out of the information sent to each of the relevant authorities help?
    Apart from waiting for the next letter to arrive is there anything else he can do?

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    Has he told the DVLA and the police what the suspects?


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      Thank you Ostell, he has reported it to the police service in essex but not to DVLC yet . I will advise him of that course of action . The difficulty is compounded by the fact the photo of the cloned vehicle is the same make and year and a similar model. The cloned version is a four door saloon, his is a two door coupe with sunroof.


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        Has he requested a photo of the offending vehicle?
        It could be that it will show distinguishing marks between the vehicles eg stickers.
        This happened to a friend, and he was able to show that the offending car had no trailer hitch, whilst his did.

        Oops crossed with post 3


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          Originally posted by seduraed View Post
          The difficulty is compounded by the fact the photo of the cloned vehicle is the same make and year and a similar model.
          That is the whole point in cloning the car, it has to be similar to be effective, if it was totally different there is a chance of the Police or VOSA picking it up on the road. Not that that helps your lodger
          Sorry i'm just thinking out loud, it might be irrelevant, I am not employed in anyway in the legal profession, please ensure you research any advice I give before using it I have been known to be wrong on multiple occasions.


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            Thr police have writtrnback to say that tey are no longer pursuin hi for the offences in view of information that has come to light. So i hope that this sorry case is finished.



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