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New car returned to garage for repairs - no idea where it is.

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  • New car returned to garage for repairs - no idea where it is.

    Hello, wonder if anyone is available to advise?
    Briefly... Bought a car, have the receipt and log book in my name. Car had serious fault as found by our mechanic within 2 week. Told company bought car from, they said bring it in and we'll do it. That was 8 days ago - we have no idea where the car is as their garage is in a different place to their sales. So now no car for over a week no replies to messgaes and just - I'll find out and call you back when we call - no return call. Can I report my car stolen? The day after purchasing the car there were also 2 transactions atrempted by them on my partners card - one for 20. that went through, one for 730. which was declined - not mentioned this to them yet. Going to actually go to the sales place today but not sure exaxtly what we can do if they refuse to return car.
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    Re: New car returned to garage for repairs - no idea where it is.

    You can go to the sales place and reject the car and demand that they refund all money paid. Put it in writing and get a signature that the have received it. There is a 30 day limit for this type of rejection so don't miss it. It may concentrate their minds sufficiently to "find" your car and talk to you.

    Get your card company to refund that 20 payment that was taken as it was not approved by your partner. They may have been trying to charge for the repair using the 20 as a test to see if the card was valid.


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      Re: New car returned to garage for repairs - no idea where it is.

      Hi Ostell, I am Beesha's partner.

      The 20 was refunded by my bank, but the concern is that it was used to purchase pizza with rather than just take the money. The larger amount that was declined actually showed on my account as being the car dealership.This all happened two days after we purchased the car, and before we spoke to them about the fault needing to be repaired.

      We are out of the 30 day period (just), but have been in contact with the dealership since a week after purchase about the fault. The have admitted it is their problem, verbally - too clever to put it in writing. We have kept records of when we spoke to them and when we messaged them.

      Our bigger concern at the moment is if we go to them now and ask for the car back, where do we stand if they refuse? Can we call the police in and say they have stolen the car? It's clear they are doing whatever they can to not have to repair the vehicle, or pay for us to get it repaired. As I understand it, a fault found within 6 months of the purchase is generally by law considered to have been there at time of purchase and therefore would still be the dealer's responsibility to fix.

      We did look into the dealership when buying and it was 50/50 in terms of good/bad reviews. The car itself has been looked at by a trusted mechanic and other than the fault is a good car. It's just that the fault will cost 1000 to repair (the car itself was only 1750)


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        Re: New car returned to garage for repairs - no idea where it is.

        Remember that the thirty day period is suspended while the dealer has the car. So the count stops from the day you put the car in the garage. You may just be in time.


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          Re: New car returned to garage for repairs - no idea where it is.

          So having gone to see the dealer on Sunday, we managed to talk to the elusive older brother. He assured us that once he fitted a part he was collecting on Monday, that the car would be with us today (Tuesday). It's now lunchtime and no word from them on the car being back with us, so wondering what our next options are.

          When we spoke to him, we told him we could report the car as stolen (as we don't actually know where it is being kept by them), and that we had started seeking legal advice. We're at a loss as to why people behave this way - it's well within our rights to have them repair the car at their own expense, so why not just get on with it???


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            Re: New car returned to garage for repairs - no idea where it is.

            Did the car come back today?

            No point in reporting the car as stolen to the police. They will tell you (correctly) that it is a civil matter.

            If the car has not been returned you have to decide if you want it back or not.
            Viewing the way you have been treated would you trust them to repair it properly? If you accept their repair do have it checked by a trusted mechanic.

            If you decide you don't want it back you need to reject it.
            As the fault came to light in the first thirty days you did not have to give them the opportunity to repair.
            Having given them the opportunity to repair the trader needs to carry out the repair
            within a reasonable time and without significant inconvenience to the consumer, an
            bear any necessary costs incurred in doing so (including in particular the cost of any labour, materials or postage)
            As they have not done so you are entitled to reject the vehicle and obtain a full refund


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              Re: New car returned to garage for repairs - no idea where it is.

              The car has just come back. I was shown the replaced part and he explaoned what it does. We were always going to take it to our trusted mechanic to double check (he found the fault initially), and want to keep the car as it is in a good condition otherwise.

              Hopefully the fat is fixed and this is the end of the saga.

              Thank you to all who offered advice.



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