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CPMS Manchester - Ticket & Straight to CCJ

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  • CPMS Manchester - Ticket & Straight to CCJ

    Hi all,

    Can anyone help me!!

    This company http://www.cpmsmanchester.com/ seem to have taken over the car park at the Mecure hotel in Manchester, where i left my car for 3 days and the system was put in place whilst the car was there.

    I only have two tickets for the 3 days the car was parked there, I challenge the hotel who said don't worry it had caught a few people out and that they weren't following up.

    Nothing else has happened then i have a notice from Northampton CC this morning with threats of a CCJ.

    Can they do this so fast? I also don't feel it is fair as when i first parked their there were no notices or ability to pay for parking for the 3 days my car was there....

    Help please
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    Re: CPMS Manchester - Ticket & Straight to CCJ

    So get on to the hotel and complain. Get them to tell the parking company to withdraw the charges.

    Also get confirmation from the hotel about the date of the implementation of the parking scheme. The charges are based on a contract formed by reading the signs. If there were no signs then there can be no contract.

    Have you ignored previous letters from the parking company?

    As you have received a form from Northampton the acknowledge receipt on line using the details and password provided on the form. This gives you 33 days from the date of issue to provide a defence. DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN THE DEFENCE YET.


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      Re: CPMS Manchester - Ticket & Straight to CCJ

      Thanks for the reply.

      Yes, I got the letters but ignored them as it was very quick and the hotel said they were dealing with the over-lap of the meter and when it wasn't metered.

      Spoke to the duty manager who is looking into it.

      I didn't get fined for the first two days there but did for the second.

      I've also acknowledged it... what next as the duty manager said can take a few weeks to resolve.


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        Re: CPMS Manchester - Ticket & Straight to CCJ

        Hi Ostell,

        I managed to get hold of the General manager who promised to come back to me at the weekend, emailed over his contact details.

        Since then, every time I call he's apparently too busy and i should sort it with the courts.

        What else can i do?

        Help please!



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