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Speeding Ticket advice please

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  • Speeding Ticket advice please


    Last month I was stopped and charged with driving at 42mph in a 30 limit on a country road , I was issued with a pink slip and conditional offer to accept the charge and pay 100 and 3 points , this had to be paid within 28days . I went into the court on the 28th day to pay it and the clerk came back 10 mins later and told me that its not on the system - and said theres nothing more he can do - do I need to worry about anything here ( happened in Scotland)

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    Re: Speeding Ticket advice please

    Hi and welcome

    Did you obtain written confirmation of your attempt to pay, and the clerk's inability to find the details on the system.
    If not I would suggest you contact the Scottish Court Service for confirmation asap, as you are very likely to receive a court summons



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