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Smart parking fine n.i.

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  • Smart parking fine n.i.

    Hi my wife has just got a pcm from a company called smart parking. She was in a coffee shop in Toscana retail pk in Bangor n.i. last week. Are they enforceable?
    I have been told to ingnore it.

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    Re: Smart parking fine n.i.

    As far as I know there's no keeper liability in NI - so the parking company can only chase the DRIVER of the vehicle at the time of the incident (no POFA). If the registered keeper (your wife?) wrote to the PPC telling them who the driver was they could chase them ... if she just ignores then they can't do anything.
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      Re: Smart parking fine n.i.

      It was not addressed to any one just to the house address.


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        Re: Smart parking fine n.i.

        NI then ignore. Not addresses to anyone? Then ignore as who can reply?


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          Re: Smart parking fine n.i.

          Hi. I'm in the same situation, and received a fine from smart parking in the same place, except I now have a letter from debt recovery plus...and they know my name. what do I do? I didn't pay the fine because the coffee shop had all tickets cancelled from 1st May, so assumed that was the end of the matter.


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            Re: Smart parking fine n.i.

            Ignore anyway unless they know the driver. DRP: ignore anyway, they are simple debt collectors and con only write red scary letters. They may know your name as they got the registered keepers name but they don't know, unless told, who the driver was


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              Re: Smart Parking charge, Toscana Retail Pk, Bangor n.i.

              I am in the same situation with Toscana Retail Park Bangor Co. Down and no doubt the same coffee shop, overstaying the free time by 12 minutes. However Smart Parking know I was the driver as I appealed the charge when I received the first letter. My appeal was of course not upheld and I now have a DRP letter seeking 160 and saying that in Scotland and Northern Ireland the driver is liable and if unpaid they will recommend to their client that they take court action. Any advice for my situation?
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                Re: Smart parking fine n.i.

                DRP you can ignore, they are merely debt collectors. They are pushing it claiming for 12 minutes. You need time to read the signs at the beginning to decide if youare going to accpet their parking contract and a minimum 10 minutes grace period at the end. You were not parking for that amount of time, you were driving past the cameras when the time was recorded..



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