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Dvla medical suck a+

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  • Dvla medical suck a+

    Hello guys and girls,

    I'm just here to see if anyone has had their license revoked for medical prescribed drugs mine intact was diazepam,

    Cut the story straight I was really sick with a nervous breakdown from Aug 2015, managed to start getting back on my feet around June this year, can you believe it I was allowed my license the whole time, How ever October this year with no noticed I brought a second hand car I obviously need it to complete daily tasks but the insurance refused me so I called them blah it's been revoked THANKS FOR THE WARNING YOU BUNCH OF ************!

    Anyway sent my D1 forum off with a M1 medical come back declined I am now associated as a smack head because I took 2mg to 4mg as and when required for around 9 months,

    Doctors are also clueless as soon as i see ^this may effect your driving I didn't take any I contacted my doctor and asked several questions the main one ^Will I loose my license^ the response I got was I would not loose my license.

    Anyway I lost my license for 12 months I'm on the same category as a street drug user, so people don't listen to your doctor and check with DVLA first please take care everyone ��

    DVLA are *****
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    Re: Dvla medical suck a+

    Morning, I understand you're upset but just take a little care with the insults x

    When you applied for your car insurance presumably you disclosed your previous medical history and the diazepam prescription ( which you have now finished with? ) - and the insurance company notified DVLA ? and it was then that your licence was revoked, or had you disclosed previously to the DVLA ? Or was it revoked for a different reason, then turned down following your repplication D1 and M1 disclosure form ?

    Originally posted by Rethink leaflet
    After the DVLA has made a decision
    If the DVLA says you are not fit to drive and you donít agree, you can try to challenge this. The quickest and easiest way is to send more evidence from a doctor.
    It is best to try to resolve the issue without going to court. But you can appeal to your local magistrates' court within 6 months of the DVLAís decision. This can be expensive and time consuming, and you may not be successful.
    If you want to go to court, the first step is to contact your local magistratesí court for information on how you do it. You can find your nearest court by searching online at http://hmctscourtfinder.justice.gov.uk/HMCTS/. You need to tell the DVLA that you are appealing and you may want to get independent legal advice.
    To be honest though, if you've been revoked for 12 months it's probably not worth the effort/expense appealing if you are improving and no longer being prescribed the diazepam then it should be unrevoked after the 12 months.

    There are quite a few prescribed drugs on the controlled list now - it in no way intimates anyone is a 'street user' - just certain levels can be dangerous for driving - so the legislation is there to protect all road users and drivers.

    Completely agree with your advice though, to check with your GP and with DVLA if being prescribed anything that might affect your ability to drive.

    I was actually reading the list of medical conditions you are required to disclose to the DVLA - and it is extensive - https://www.gov.uk/health-conditions-and-driving
    Common Sense .... if in doubt, use it !

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