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Accelerated Possession - Help with s21 and n5b form

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  • Accelerated Possession - Help with s21 and n5b form

    Hi Guys

    Hoping someone could help on some questions I have regarding the s21/n5b form for accelerated possession.

    For clarity, I am actually preparing two n5b forms at the moment for two different tenants (A&B) at two different properties (lucky me huh? lol)

    1)Evidence C2 - solicitor sent the s21 to tenant A. He does not have proof of posting, and tells me it is not required. That may be the case if he (a solicitor) raised the n5b, but I think it may be different if it comes from me (not a solicitor). I do have his invoice for raising the s21 on letter headed paper, and the covering letter he sent to the tenant that is dated (but as it was emailed to me its not on letter headed paper). Would that deemed adequate evidence for service?
    2)A letting agent sent the other s21 to tenant B by recorded delivery. The tenant has not accepted the letter. I assume this is therefore deemed as not served?
    3)This same agent sent same s21 letter by ordinary first class post at the same time. What proof do I need from them to prove service? They are suggesting a written statement from them will suffice?
    4)Both deposits are held with the DPS. I am confused on the evidence required for Section 7 as the n5b form requests:
    ai)a copy of the Deposit Protection Certificate or Insurance Premium Certificate is enclosed - this I take to be the form from the DPS that has your repayment code on it. Obviously I will redact the code.
    iv)A copy of the TDS certificate is attached - What is this - is this the same as the Deposit Protection Certificate they mention in ai)?

    Hoping this is clear and thank you for any help - really appreciate it!
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    Re: Accelerated Possession - Help with s21 and n5b form

    [MENTION=87380]Diana M[/MENTION] [MENTION=6]Amethyst[/MENTION]

    Hi, elements of the above post are relevant to me also. I'd be grateful if MissMooch's questions are responded to.

    Many thanks,


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      Re: Accelerated Possession - Help with s21 and n5b form


      Didnt see this when it was asked,

      for 1 to 3, You can ask for proof of postage, its cheeper than recored delivery, that covers it usualy.

      For 4, i think its the DPS reciet number
      crazy council ( as in local council,NELC ) as a member of the public, i don't get mad, i get even



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