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Formal complaint - Cooker fault with housing association

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  • Formal complaint - Cooker fault with housing association


    I am currently renting an apartment from a housing association. It was completely unfurnished when I got here, so I had to buy a cooker.

    A private electrician hooked it up; it tripped the electrics (and didn't turn on at all). He said it was likely a fault between the cooker and the break point. I then called the housing association and made an appointment for one of their electricians to see what the issue was. After a load of baffling, an electrician from a sub-contractor came out to take a look. He fiddled around for a good 20-30 minutes between the cooker and the circuit breaker and during this time stated that it all seemed fine. Then AFTER he fiddled around, the cooker itself turned on but the grill and the fan at the back didn't. He was saying how new the cooker looked (so it wasn't likely fault of the cooker itself) and how the circuit might've possibly broke the cooker. So he took down the details of the cooker and said he'd let his boss know and order a new one.

    I don't see why he would even think about ordering a new one unless he knew something he/the housing association is responsible for caused the cooker to break.

    After a couple weeks of trying to get in contact with this sub-contractor through the housing association, I finally got through and was told in other words by the housing association "The ticket has been closed, there was no fault. They [the subcontractor] weren't aware the cooker was bought privately and they shouldn't have told you they were going to buy a new one, as we're unable to replace a cooker that isn't owned by us".

    This is completely unprofessional of the sub-contractor, they should've had their information correct before they made a statement. They didn't stay in contact or give me any updates, it took me ages to get a hold of them and they closed the ticket as if all were fine. I spent a lot of the little money I have/had to get this cooker and now I'm just left with a broken cooker; can't cook food.

    I want to write a formal complaint but I have no physical evidence. Just appointment dates/times and the outcomes I've experienced. It's all logged on the housing associations system. I don't like the thought of the sub-contractor getting away with treating me like that. I am a young person and I feel like these companies/organisations take advantage of that as I'm not as experienced.

    I'd appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Formal complaint - Cooker fault with housing association

    I think your claim is against the people you bought the cooker from. There can be no liability for the HA to replace the cooker. The action of the electrician was probably because he thought the HA had supplied it, as may be normal, and you had not told him otherwise. Not the best of treatment but it was an unreasonable expectation that the HA would replace something you had bought.


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      Re: Formal complaint - Cooker fault with housing association

      I understand the HA can't do anything, my problem is more with this sub-contractor. I also understand now the electrician assumed the HA owned the cooker, but assumptions aren't good enough - these people should be professional, he didn't even ask if I owned it... it was all very casual. I think it's wrong that the ticket was closed when the issue still exists and I wasn't informed or updated on anything until I called up weeks later. I have no evidence, but I'm pretty sure he fixed something with the circuit whilst he was here, hence why the cooker decided to work once he hooked it back up.


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        Re: Formal complaint - Cooker fault with housing association

        Unlikely you have a claim against HA or contractor why do you think they are if some of the cooker now works?


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          Re: Formal complaint - Cooker fault with housing association

          He probably removed a short from the internals of the cooker which was tripping the circuit, hence why some components of the cooker are not working. Nothing in the circuit that could have blown your cooker without taking out a lot of other things, it's a straight connection back to the consumer unit.

          So did you tell him that it was your cooker? How was he to know? If you had told him then you would have probably got a bill for his time when it turned out to be the cooker that was tripping the circuit.


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            Re: Formal complaint - Cooker fault with housing association

            Nope, didn't remove anything... the only time he touched the cooker was when he hooked it up and turned it on. How do I know its a straight connection? A qualified electrician came to the conclusion that it was a fault between the cooker and the breaker point.

            The housing association know I own this cooker and they're the ones who are in liaise with this sub contractor and got the appointment for me.


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              Re: Formal complaint - Cooker fault with housing association

              have you spoken to HA and complained


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                Re: Formal complaint - Cooker fault with housing association

                I don't understand how the cooker circuit (which should be a straight connection between the consumer unit, through a double gang switch to the cooker itself) could cause damage to the cooker.
                It sounds more likely that the cooker has a fault, and therein lies your remedy.
                Contact the trader you purchased it from and request they replace it. An lot easier than pursuing HA or electrician



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