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Rate rise, will you cope?

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  • Rate rise, will you cope?

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    Re: Rate rise, will you cope?

    The Cycle of events and consequences starting again Welcome to More repossession more Hardship Same Old Same Old just a new year in which it is happening


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      Re: Rate rise, will you cope?

      Anyone who is thinking that the current interest rates are normal just doesn't have a clue.

      Having said that, I'm sure that the government will do whatever they can to keep the rates as low as possible. They simply got too much to lose should things go wrong.

      Current economy is a mystery to me. At least where I live people seem to be spending less than 12 months ago. Pubs are quiet, coffee shops have less trade, supermarkets are discounting, the list goes on.

      One can only guess what happens once the rates start rising.


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        Re: Rate rise, will you cope?

        Us unfortunates with " sub prime" lenders who, it appears still use LIBOR seem to pay more anyway.
        Of course they will raise the rate and we will continue to struggle.
        Never give up, Never surrender.



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