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Cat spikes

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  • Cat spikes

    Our garden is being visited by a neighbours Tom cat who fouls in our garden. I want to fit cat spikes to our 6ft wooden fence to deter the cat.
    The neighbour the other side of the fence is not the owner of the cat but has asked me not to fit the spikes as he does not want his children to injure themselves on the spikes (plastic and legally compliant).
    However I feel I have a right and a duty to ensure our garden is a safe place for our grand daughter to play
    What are my rights/options?

    thanks - Fair Justice.
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    Rather than use something that although made of plastic is designed to injure, why don't your try some of the more ethical repellents such Coleus Canina or an Ultra Sonic repellent. If you add spikes on top of your fence, then you would be deliberately placing something there that could injure another person or an animal. I am sure there are other ways of deterring the cat that would not end up antagonising your neighbours



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