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Company built on my property without consent

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  • Company built on my property without consent

    Hi everyone.

    Here's the story...

    I bought my property, using the right-to-buy scheme, last year.

    The estate is on a small hill, and I started hearing horror stories from people living around my property, about rain drainage problems on their properties. Not mine though. Mine WAS fine. A local councillor also told me the actual sale/build of the estate was opposed at that level because of the concerns over the drainage.

    Two months ago I came home from my work to find the gate open and three builders were out the back, taking down next door's fence. They were in my garden quite a bit, but as a woman I did not want to go out and talk to three men by myself so I just left them to it.

    Two weeks later I went out back and my garden was like a bog. I discovered that next to the fence on my side (the fence had been put back up), a small ugly wall was now built on my property! Obviously put there by these damn builders.

    I was then getting these little insects coming into the house which are living in the bog that my garden has turned into since this wall was put up, stopping seepage of rainwater out of my property.

    The company that did this wall, and built the estate, is called Persimmon. I contacted them for two months without response.

    They have now written back, offering some repairs - the same day that I came home to find my garden gate open again (hey had obvs. visited and gone on my property without permission).

    They state that the neighbours complained about problems with grass stains on their driveway and as a result Persimmon decided to just build a wall that would stop water seeping downhill from my property and washing 'grass cuttings/stains' onto next doors driveway. They state that the wall is built on next doors property (not true), that they posted a "notice" through my door before doing the work (not true) and that the builders never came on my property! Absolute bollocks.

    They have basically built a wall on my property to fix a problem with the original build, effectively moving the problem from next door to my property. My garden is like the Florida Goddamn Everglades now!!!

    The way the fence was re-erected could not possibly have been done without them being on my property. The blueprints of my property clearly show they have built on my property, and finally, they have only briefly, kind of, apologised for not giving me notice of what happened, only answering my latest email after I threatened legal action, and have now offered to come in and make some small adjustments to the wall they put on my property which looks absolutely disgusting and ruins the look of my garden. That is it.

    I am hearing a lot of bad things from my neighbours about this dodgy company. Another neighbour has been waiting 18 months just to get permission from them to change the design on the front of her garden wall.

    I don't trust them I do not like them, and I am disgusted how they have behaved from start to finish. In particular they are still kind of refusing to accept what they have done illegally on my property, and are trying to put the onus on me for having grass cuttings in my garden?!?!

    I want to tell them I will take it from here - pay this sum as compensation and this figure for me to effect the repairs as I see fit and in my own time and leisure.

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    Re: Company built on my property without consent


    Have you made a written Formal Complaint to Persimmon?

    I think this should be course of action to give them a chance to respond to each point in your complaint and rectify the problems and or make a proposal for compensation.

    It would be best to address the complaint to the CEO/MD at Persimmon and send it by signed for post.

    This allows them 56 days to investigate and respond, if the response is not adequate then the way is open for further action, and you can show you have endeavoured to resolve the matter.

    The advice I give and draft letters provided are drawn from personal experience and career training and are given freely and without liability.

    Please make your own decisions with care and if necessary seek qualified legal advice. I will not advise by private message. If you'd like me to look at your post please tag me in your post by typing @nemesis45;.

    If you receive messages from anyone offering advice for a fee please report it to the site team.

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      Re: Company built on my property without consent

      Any other advice?


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        Re: Company built on my property without consent

        tagging [MENTION=39710]des8[/MENTION] [MENTION=15129]Crazy council[/MENTION] [MENTION=39331]ostell[/MENTION] [MENTION=6]Amethyst[/MENTION] ... any ideas??
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          Re: Company built on my property without consent

          Originally posted by MarieAbraham View Post
          Any other advice?
          Do you have Buildings Insurance which includes Legal Expenses cover and/or provides a free Legal Helpline for policy holders?

          In some cases this insurance can fund legal costs if you need to get solicitors involved. They would normally nominate a firm on their panel.

          Despite the mess do you get on with your neighbour and would they cooperate with a bit of evidence gathering and fact finding if you need to build a case against Persimmon? They may have a useful file of paperwork.

          I am a Litigation Executive at Joanna Connolly Solicitors a firm which specialises in consumer credit.

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