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Skeggs N Nailard V Lloyds Bus Acc

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  • Skeggs N Nailard V Lloyds Bus Acc

    hya does anyone know if you can still claim the 8% interest on a bus account. have read the templates on bus accounts but cant recall if you can or cant.

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    Hi Skeggs,

    Just had a look at another site, and yes you can claim the S69 interest on business accounts. Even one claimed by a senior member of this site.
    It's my opinion as a laymen, if in doubt , seek professional advice.


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      Skeggs as Nik, said when you sue a person or institution and you start the court process you can claim s69 interest at 8%.


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        Hi Skeggs,

        I have started things rolling with HSBC & Nat West. Both business Accounts and both pre 6 years. I will be claiming s69 if and when I get that far. Good luck loads of help here.



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          If you are going back past 6 years, did you consider claiming contractual interest, if you considered it and decided no thats o.k, but if you have not considered, may I suggest you go to the CI thread and talk to Simian.



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