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CICA Compensation

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  • CICA Compensation

    Hello everybody.

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post but I need some help & advice.

    To cut a long story short.
    Several years ago I was the victim of a violent crime and as a result had my skull fractured, deafend in my right ear and suffered from tinnitus which I was compensated for by the criminal injuries compensation authority.
    However since the compensation was rewarded my condition has worsened considerably and is effecting my day to day life as there are conditions which have arisen that were not apparent at the time of the reward.
    Am I able to re apply for extra compensation as these conditions were not taken into consideration at the time.

    I look forward to any help you can offer up.

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    Re: CICA Compensation

    Would of thought it would depend on wording of your initial claim payout, whether you accept full and final in respect of claim, but somebody with more knowledge will be along soon I am sure to answer you enquiry, all I know when I was assaulted at work and robbed ended up fractured skull nobody wanted to know, criminal compensation a joke.


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      Re: CICA Compensation

      Dont get me wrong it took me 1.5 years to get any compensation. It was difficult though.
      I will have to check what the claim payout says.


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        Re: CICA Compensation

        Shameful Bump!
        Would really like to know the answer to this. It just says on the letter that I have been awarded a full reward.
        And then it lists.
        My head injury £xxxx
        Tinnitus £xxxx
        Earing loss £xxxx
        There is no mention of my conditions that I suffer from now.?.?


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          Re: CICA Compensation

          To be honest as, as unfair as it sounds i think you will struggle with this all i can suggest is that you seek help from a legal practitioner many of which will give you a free hour to see if there are any merits or indeed if it is possible

          Have you checked to see if you qualify for DLA?


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            Re: CICA Compensation

            I will speak to my community mental health case worker about the DLA thing and I will call up a legal practitioner in the morning and see what they say.
            Thanks for the advice.


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              Re: CICA Compensation

              tinnitus and deafness are reconised conditions for dla and the fact you have a case worker makes the process a lot easier and can help you with the forms and evidance as can the many deafness support groups

              Good luck



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