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    I recently made a 999 call when an argument between my in-laws was becoming loud and I was scared as itís not something I am used to. The call to 999 lasted around 15 seconds though I didnít say anything directly to the operator as I couldnít hear anyone had answered and I put the phone down. Clearly the operator had heard the arguing because within 10mins Iíd received a call back from an unknown number who left a voicemail identifying themselves as my local police. They called again a few minutes later and I answered and explained what had happened but by that point the argument had ended completely and everyone was in bed. The caller asked for the address and said that they have to follow-up on all domestic incidents. I did not want to give the address and explained that there was no need to waste police time coming out to what was now a quiet house.

    I have for the the few days since this been receiving further calls and voicemails from the police about calling them back to close the incident. I assume they still want the address which I will not give them as it is not my home address and I donít think, Iím hindsight, that I should have gotten involved.

    Will they stop calling if I ignore them? Or will I have to answer and give them the address? If I do, are they likely to just turn up? I donít want this to escalate into something big because I panicked for a moment! Everyone argues and shouts, it was just in an environment I wasnít familiar with and I felt in that split second that I didnít know what was going to happen. As I say, the arguing died down with 15mins and everyone went to bed and Iím now more stressed about them keep calling than about the argument itself!!!

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    You were concerned at the time about the argument and you did do the right thing in calling the police if you feared it might escalate. I would simply give the Police the address, explain the circumstances and let them get on with their job, they are pretty decent at it normally - they might just want to follow up check you are happy to close the incident off now things have settled a bit, and you're worrying over nothing - you don't know until you speak with them.

    Have you spoken with your in-laws / other half about it ? That might be an idea firstly, explain you felt scared and just panic'd.
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