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Could I sue utility company/Debt Collection Agency

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  • Could I sue utility company/Debt Collection Agency


    I moved into a property in January 2016. The previous owner part-exchanged with a building firm and so lived in the property until her new build was ready. She moved out in December 2015 and so the 'owners' for those few weeks were the building firm.

    I first received a letter from this utility company for gas/electricity about 7 months ago. I sent them an email and telephoned them asking why I owed the amount they were claiming for. The dates they gave were for the December until 1 day after I completed and became the legal owner. So I told them via telephone and email that the debt was not mine.

    I thought nothing more of it. But then my mother who lives 10 miles down the road received a letter from a debt collection agency acting on behalf of the utility company. I haven't lived at that address for about 5 years. I spoke to them immediately again confirming that I didn't owe this debt. They required proof and so I sent it. I heard nothing and so wrote to them again. I was told over the telephone that the initial proof was rejected and they required further documentation so I sent more. Again didn't hear anything and they keep saying they will be in touch soon.

    I have emailed the utility company and was told they would not answer my query via email as this was not the correct email on the account! I replied obviously stating there never was an account but received nothing. I have emailed a complaint to the CEO but again nothing back.

    I received a further letter from the debt collection agency saying they may take me to court and have added interest to the debt!

    Not sure what more I can do to prove I am not the debtor. I have contacted the building firm who have said they will await for correspondence from the collection agency. I passed their details onto the debt collection but they haven't contacted them as far as I am aware.

    It's really stressing me out. I have never had this kind of thing before as I have always paid everything on time. I am fearful of receiving court letters or a knock on the door. I know I am innocent but it's still mega stressful and I have got nowhere in months.

    Can anybody recommend what I do next. If I am honest, it's incredibly frustrating, stressful and I want compensation as a matter of principle to be quite honest.

    Appreciate any help

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    Re: Could I sue utility company/Debt Collection Agency

    You won't get a knock on the door. If it's been over a year since the bill should have been given then the industry have a code of practise that they should write off the amount, Others know more about it.


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      Re: Could I sue utility company/Debt Collection Agency

      Hi and welcome to LB

      Very distressing for you, bur not an unusual attitude from a utility company.

      I'm tagging our resident expert ( [MENTION=99495]slainte caragh[/MENTION]) for you, but as it is the weekend you may have to await a while for her response.

      In the meantime could you name the company concerned please?


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        Re: Could I sue utility company/Debt Collection Agency

        Thanks [MENTION=39710]des8[/MENTION]

        Hi, sorry I've taken a while to get back to you, was on a night shift last night and the coffee hasn't quite kicked in.

        Ok, so to recap you are being charged for energy you didn't use 12 months ago?

        You have provided documentary evidence to the fact you are not in fact liable for that amount.

        Rest assured, there will be no outcome.

        If anything is sent to you, simply do exactly what you have done, show your letter of occupancy showing you are not responsible for the debt and the name and address of the person that is. If the property was empty and unfurnished there is no debt anyway (how can you use energy is an empty house?)

        A quick check of Land Registry will show who was responsible for the property too, but if worst comes to worst (which it won't) contact the Ombudsman with regards to being hounded for a property you didn't own. They don't take kindly to it.

        May I suggest that the DCA has gone quiet due to going back to the supplier and being told to back down. Energy suppliers are good at that, give them a clear timescale for a definative answer before lodging a formal complaint with OFGEM.
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          Re: Could I sue utility company/Debt Collection Agency

          The company is Extra Energy.

          Many thanks for the replies, especially that of the last one.

          Yes the debt should belong to the building firm as I believe the dates match when the previous owner left and we completed. I forgot to say there was a gas leak when the building firm when in to check and so this may have contributed to the bill, I have no idea as they fixed it just before we moved in.

          I will send them a letter stating I need confirmation it is sorted or I will take my case to the Ombudsman

          Thanks again



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