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Help with council tax no fixed adress

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  • Help with council tax no fixed adress

    Hey guys i am new to this forum but think its a brilliant page! I will try to make this short as possible! Basicly my ex partner of 6 years was always in charge of the bills etc but i discorved after breaking up that she had missed payments all over the place (i was working full time and still am) im no angel or perfect and had missed the odd payment before she took charge due to finiancal difficulty but no way near the debt we are in wich is 1200 pounds over 3 propertys!! So after are breakup she left to move to her mothers i couldnt afford the property and having found out she had not payed rent for two months didnt help i payed the rent and moved in with parents my ex decided to not tell me about the letters she was getting and after 2 years they came to my nans adress amounting up to a thousand pound for me and my ex and 270 for me alone i have offerd to pay a 100 pound a month and what ever is owed in aprill in full as i get my tax back but there demanding my adress wich im no fixed to bode im sofa surfing untill im debt free im at my mums then my dads and at weekend i have my 2 children at my nans so i do not no what to do im sorry for the long post just need to get it all out so i can maybe get a helpfull reply they wanted my adress and to fill in a expendature form they also said 2 of the debts are liable or somthing so have to pay in full asap after my diesal to travel to work wich is a long trip then child matienence and having kids as we no comes shoes clothing and the rest wich i always provide for my kids tools for work gloves disc blades my food i give to who ever i stay with etc etc im left with little so i think i offerd a fair amount im not a big money earner and live week to week thanks for reading guys
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