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prohibited steps and CAFCASS

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  • prohibited steps and CAFCASS

    Hi all

    my partner is in the process of trying to prevent his two young children, 5 and 3, being relocated by their mother to NI, they currently have shared care and both have parental responsibility. The youngest has ASD and special needs, making the case a little more complicated in regards to communication. Currently father sees the children 4 days a week, the relocation would reduce this to just 1 day a month, with 2.5 weeks of contact for holidays. He is a very hands on dad and the thought of loosing the relationships he has with the boys is devastating.
    'We are at the point of a Section 7 report, both parties have submitted their statements to CAFCASS, Fathers statement the recommended 2 pages of what he feels is best for the children, mothers, however is 9 pages of emotional fabrications about dad, and how much better of 'she; will be if she moves.

    my question is...both parties have referenced the paternal grandparents, as they have played a massive part in the children's lives, unfortunately the 'opinions' of what the grandparents think is very different, one saying they think one way and one the other (they are still very much involved in both the children's and both parties lives). Is it permitted by either the court or CAFCASS for the grandparents to write a statement of their own, expressing their thoughts and opinions, instead of the conflicting views of the applicant and respondent?

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: prohibited steps and CAFCASS


    The Cafcass Officer completing the section 7 report can speak to the grandparents directly as part of their investigations. This is probably the most straightforward way to make the court aware of the grandparents' actual views. Also, either parent could ask the court's permission to file a statement from one or both of the grandparents but they would need to explain to the court why that was necessary.

    I hope that helps with your question.
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