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  • Steering in the right direction


    I apologize in advance if this is not the right place to vent my concerns.
    I am truly concerned about someone I am close too. They work as a carer and I know for a fact that they are drinking while on duty.
    Could someone please let me know what the legal implications would be if they are caught. Although I am close to this person, I feel it is my moral obligation to report them to prevent anyone getting hurt. I would not like someone who was a struggling alcoholic to be caring for my frail and vulnerable family member.
    I am almost hoping to be able to shock some sense into this person, to wake them up to the dangers and I cant seem to find anything online

    thank you
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    Re: Steering in the right direction

    It is likely she/he would face disciplinary action and potentially lose their job, although their employer may have a duty of care over them and be able to offer some form of help and support. If anything happened whilst they were responsible for the care of vulnerable people then things could be far far worse, potentially criminal charges of neglect, and possibly worse ....

    I totally agree with your making a report to their employer and believe that yes, it is your moral duty, to both the people who are in need of care, and to your friend who may be on a downward spiral and needs a kick up the bum to do something about it and find some help for themselves. It is likely to damage your relationship - in the short term at least. Long term they may see you took the action to prevent them harming themselves or causing harm to others.

    If anything did happen while they were in charge of someone vulnerable then you would probably not forgive yourself if you were aware of the risks but took no action.

    Just my view - others will probably be able to give you a better legal standpoint.
    Common Sense .... if in doubt, use it !

    “We may not win by protesting, but if we don’t protest we will lose. If we stand up to them, there is always a chance we will win.” Hetty Bower

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