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Care sector woes

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  • Care sector woes

    leave frail at risk, regulator says

    The whole care market for older and disabled people in England could be at risk, the official regulator says.
    Evidence gathered by the Care Quality Commission, and seen by the BBC, shows the regulator is worried over the "pace" of care home closures.
    Over the past six years, the number of homes has fallen by nearly 1,500 to 16,600.
    The document also warns about the number of home care providers turning their back on council contracts.
    The CQC could not provide figures for this when asked by the BBC, although data compiled by the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services suggested two-thirds of local authorities had seen contracts handed back or providers leave the market.
    The document though describes "fragility" in this part of the sector, which provides help for daily tasks such as washing and dressing.

    NHS England reveals bed blocking crisis

    New figures released by NHS England have revealed a 23% rise in delays in discharging patients from hospital.
    The data reveal that people occupying beds who no longer needed care took up a total of 171,298 days in June compared with 139,538 days in June 2015, the BBC reports.
    An NHS England spokesman said: “It’s important patients who are well enough to leave hospital can do so at the earliest opportunity, and in some parts of the country the system is working well.

    “These figures underline the importance of joined-up care within the NHS and the dependence of hospitals on well-functioning social care services – particularly for older people living at home.”
    Commenting on the latest data Stephen Dalton, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, which represents most NHS Trusts, urged the government to “invest more in out-of-hospital care”.
    More than half (59%) of delays were due to the NHS, while the social care sector was responsible for 32%. Both were responsible for 7.9%, the report said.
    Labour leadership challenger Owen Smith said the latest figures were a damning indictment of the government’s handling of the NHS.
    Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham, who is running for Manchester mayor, has suggested shifting responsibility and budgets for social care to NHS Trusts will help relieve bed blocking (see Alarm bells greet Andy Burnham mayor candidacy).
    Private sector operators say they can alleviate bed blocking much more cheaply than publicly funded hospitals, a view backed by independent think-tank Respublica in a report published last year.

    It just seems to be so hard for the powers that be,to join the dots on this subject.
    It's all about money and the councils first step in any budget cut is the care dept.
    I personally have been through so much with the NHS and it's failings with my parents and now seeing MIL in a care home that is far from perfect.
    MIL is not being funded by the LA she is self funding and pays a small weekly fortune for her care, that makes me even more angry and upset.
    Who I ask you would be a carer if they had a choice?
    The criteria, look after someone for over 35 hours per week and receive the grand total of £61.35 per week for doing so, you may also if you can get a job to fit in with your caring role earn up to £110 a week after deductions. Then when you retire you lose the £61.35 a week although your caring week has not changed and may well have got a lot worse.
    The whole system is sickening and the Government have the upper hand knowing the heart rules the head in a lot of caring situations.
    Rant over and an absolute dread of getting old and infirm.
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    Re: Care sector woes

    I have to agree. The earnings limit is ludicrous particularly as it is a,cliff edge system so an error of £1 can cost you a, weeks income.


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      Re: Care sector woes

      I had to repay 18 months lol for helping out at work now and then, it took me 8.5 years to pay it back @£5 per week, so yes they can and do take it back.


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