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    Re: Sparkie

    Originally posted by charitynjw View Post
    Hi mate

    Glad that all's well; it could have been a lot worse.
    Wishing M a swi.......er, speedy recovery.
    & keep a paper trail of evidence. (Why do I feel I'm trying to teach Granny to suck eggs, lol?!)
    You nearly used the full S word then charity........be careful real swearing is banned you know.



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      Re: Sparkie

      That's the trouble with equipment and adaptions, the OT comes round assesses what's needed, orders it and a chap comes round and fixes it or drops it off. you are then left to your own devices.IMHO the OT should do regular inspections to see the equipment is both helpful and is being used properly. Bit naff really in the days of health and safety madness things like this slip the net purely for costs sake.


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        Re: Sparkie

        Haven't posted much of late nothing of importance to post till now, Pt as most will know is handling the settlement arrangements with Black Horse who have put forward an amount they will pay us under a confidentiality agreement.
        This is due to be concluded in the next week or so hopefully.
        This morning Margaret received a CCA arrears notice from Black Horse collections dept, this has not only caused me some hassle and more frustration...................but Margaret still has some things branded in her head and the Black Horse sign is one of them.............and the fact of the matter she can STILL read quite well.................................... as soon as she saw this Black Horse letter even though she did not understand it fully she knew arears was not a good word and I can tell you all it sent her completely off her rocker to put it mildly...........never had such a problem with her.................................... she has now exhausted herself and just lay down on the settee and has gone to sleep as if to block this from her mind.

        I nearly had to call the emergency mental team ..........Black Horse are Still being B******s
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          Re: Sparkie

          The help and support I'm getting from Margarets 2 daughters ( I class them as mine anyway) is absolutely marvellous takes an enormous load off me giving me more and more free time, if all families who had close ones with dementia like M did half as much as these two do the life of the person with dementia would be so much better M is much much more happy in herself and has been for a long time now , right at this moment in time she is siting with Kim watching TV and having a good laugh with Kim watching " some load of rubbish"
          It is so heart warming listening to them.
          I am such a lucky one in this respect, having daughters like them.



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            Re: Sparkie

            Had a hectic day yesterday M's Daughter Kim had taken her Mum out for a drive to New Brighton. I got a call from Kim saying she had been forced to stop as the temp gauge had shot off the scale and she could smell something was not right.
            The grand son came and picked me up and I found that a small water hose had split, it was in a very awkward position All water had been lost M was so agitated at not being able to move so we had to bring her back home and take some water back with us and filled it up with water, and I had to coax the car back home, by leaving the cap of the pressurised filler tank so that the pressure would not force the water out too quickly, Luckily it was only about a mile from home.

            Got the car home and waited for it to cool down so that it was cool enough to work on anyway fixed it in about an a hr or so.

            Good job I had been in the motor trade for 50years or so....... Still not being as supple as I was it was still a very awkward job....... the hose was hidden under the intake manifold an other coolant hoses.
            Kims own car is in the garage having 500 worth of work done so she has had our car last night today and tomorrow as she has to get to work her shifts are 3 days on and 3 days off, so I had to fix it quick, and when she is off she still helps me looking after her Mum.
            No peace for the wicked I suppose. But having two daughters like we have is a gift as I've said before
            Would have cost quite a bit of money if I had not been in the trade.
            Last edited by Sparkie1723; 24th February 2017, 09:29:AM.


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              Re: Sparkie

              Tory benefits cuts started already............So I would like to thank all people who vote/voted Tory for those cuts ( Like B****y Hell).
              Had a letter from the DWP yesterday saying that the amount they will be paying towards the interest on our First Mortgage is being reduced by 18,68 a month as from 19th June.
              Isn't that good of that so called Prime Minister?
              But then that is one promise they kept................................. hit the people on benefits such as Pension Credit.
              If I was Saint Teresa, I'd change my name.

              Last edited by Sparkie1723; 11th June 2017, 10:29:AM.





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