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Reporting an accident to the polce

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  • Reporting an accident to the polce

    I was recently involved in a car accident where i hit another vehicle. The woman driver of the other vehicle did not get out of her car and only spoke through her lowered window. All she said was "Oh shit" i advised her that as she was stopped on aa pedestrian crossing we should move a little and exchange details. With that she drove off. I repprted this to the police straight away. But while there she rang in. My question is did she break the law by leaving the scene . the police just said she had 24 hours to report it. If she was drunk at the time or not the insured driver i would never have know as she drove off. I dodnt even have time to get photo evidence she was gone so quick.
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    Re: Reporting an accident to the polce

    This happened to me too. I had a hit and run at a roundabout.

    When I attended the police station, they told me the driver had 24 hours to report it or they would be commiting an offence. If the driver had no insurance and came forward they would become involved, if they had insurance it would just be swapping details.

    I got a call within 24 hours from the police just confirming what they had said and a letter 7 days later saying as I had no details there was nothing they could do but I was in the clear of any wrongdoing.
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