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Non molestation order

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  • Non molestation order

    I have been issued with a non milestation order to not contact, approach, threaten, intimidate etc. This was issued without my knowledge so there is a hearing date set. The marriage is heading for divorce. I admit my behaviour in the past has been less than acceptable, as my wife and I had discussed and for 7 weeks were obtaining help for me and researching avenues of help. Unfortunately that option is now over and I find myself in this situation. I regret my past actions and as my wife feels she needs this in place I have no desire to contest. My only concern is the effect it has on accessing information regarding our 3 children (6,4 and 2) and even seeing them, as within the order it states I can't approach them, contact them via social media etc (they don't have devices or social media, see ages above). Is this standard to be included in this type of order as approaching them is ultimately be approaching my wife or am I being eased out of their lives? Grief stricken, lost, panic fuelled dad.
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    Re: Non molestation order

    Hi sorry to hear about your situation , you might find the Family Rights Group website helpful, best wishes.


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      Re: Non molestation order


      Just to add to siting duck's post with the link for FRG. They do have a helpline and that might be worth a call as they are confidential and you might be able to be more specific than on here.
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        Re: Non molestation order

        HI, you do need to attend the next court hearing, even if you do not wish to contest the non-molestation order. Has the date for the hearing already passed and did you go? If your wife is legally represented you should contact her solicitors about seeing your children to set up an arrangement. Depending on the circumstances, even if your wife would not agree to you seeing the children on your own, consideration could be given to you seeing the children with a third party present or perhaps at a contact centre. If you cannot get this set up by agreement then you may need to make an application to the court for a Child Arrangements Order.

        Best of luck.
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          Re: Non molestation order

          The order in place is not permanent and the purpose of the next hearing (if it hasn't already passed) is to give you opportunity to respond.

          You say you do not wish to contest, however I would advise against that.

          In the next hearing you need to present undertakings to the court about your behaviour and essentially guarantee to the court that you will not behave in the manner alleged. This should result in the current order being discontinued.

          Be aware that if you make these undertakings and then conduct yourself in that manner you will be in contempt of court and face the consequences of that.

          To be clear, if a non-molestation order is granted against you all of the terms apply and breach of them is a criminal offence.
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