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Threats for sex

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  • Threats for sex

    Hi all, ok I'll shorten the whole scenario a bit. So, myself and my partner have split after 13 odd years and 2 children. We are in a private rented home,the lease is due to expire in June. I pay any and all bills, she wants me to leave but still pay them all,I'm refusing so we're still living there as she won't leave either.

    Recently, always whilst drinking, which happens regular now, she has been texting me from downstairs demanding I sleep with her even thought we are over, I refuse to do so, and so threats begin as well as just plain abuse, were talking 10-15 text messages per night all about 6-7 messages long full of pure vile abuse. When sober it doesn't happen.

    Last night the same happened, but this time she took a photo of her cutting herself to show "how much I piss her off". The constant harassment by messages leaves me stressed and angry, but this cutting business is a whole new level, I don't know where to go from here. I just want it over, but if I go citizens advice have advised me not to pay rent for somewhere I don't live, so that would potentially affect my children's lives, however I can't go on living with the harassment.

    Any advice at all? Anything is appreciated.

    Thanks you.

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    Re: Threats for sex

    If effectively you are living as merely house mates have you not suggested a 50/50 split plus an informal arrangement over maintenance?

    Where will she and the kids go once the lease has expired?
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