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  • Miss Evans

    Lived with ex partner for 21years, have a 16yr old son, ex stopped paying mortgage on house that was in his name only but we all lived there, including my older daughter from a previous relationship, he made 91,000 from sale of house, my children and I have been left with nothing, my son and I are still living in temporary accommodation as the council have not yet rehoused us, am I legally entitled to claim any of the money from the sale of the house??
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    Re: Miss Evans

    Not from the sale of the house as it was in your ex's name but I'm pretty sure you have some recourse if you contributed to the running and upkeep of the abode for all that time. Someone with more knowledge will be along soon to help.


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      Re: Miss Evans

      Hi Naomievans4,
      You may have a claim under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act (TOLATA) if you are able to show that you contributed financially or in monies worth and had relied on an indication from your ex that you would be entitled to a share of the property. This can be quite complicated so I would advise that you obtain some advice. Have a look around for a local solicitor who offers a free initial advice or reduced fee for the first meeting. Take any evidence that you have indicating that you contributed financially eg bank statements confirming that you paid the mortgage or bills. Did you pay for any work at the property or carry out work yourself. All these sorts of acts are relevant so jot any thoughts you have down and take them with you to see the solicitor.
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