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contentious probate issue?

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    Re: contentious probate issue?

    I think you are probably taking the best course of action.
    The cost of contentious probate can be very high, and I think your chances of success in this case will be slim.
    There is also the emotional and stress factors to take into account.

    However, if you contact a solicitor it would be appreciatedf you could let us know what his advice is, as it might help others.
    In any case, whatever you decide, good luck


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      Re: contentious probate issue?

      I've received even more legal advice over the phone (none in person yet), and I've put together a document that tries to summarise everything as best as possible, to make it easier for solicitor to understand rather than read loads of comments from different paperwork etc, but even then, it's still lengthy because there's a lot to it, but it covers everything 100%. A lot of the information I'm not going to post on a public forum. You can probably tell I left a lot of information out of this thread because I'm upset and try not to let too much emotion out when writing. But the document explains everything in great detail with the 100% truth.

      Put it this way, if it doesn't get me the full money back which I know should be mine in the first place, and after what my uncle has put me through, then there is something seriously messed up with the law etc that would need correcting asap.

      I won't post anything more now, but if it goes in my favour (which it should), then I'll not say how it went that way, but I'll mention some of the firms I received useful free legal information from. And I'll mention the firm I ended up picking, though it'll just be included in the list. I'm not going to say who the company I used, for potential legal reasons, etc.

      If it doesn't go in my favour then maybe everything I've learnt about wills, probate, intestacy, next of kin, administration, etc I may be able to help someone in the future or it will be useful in another life.

      Love and Peace.





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