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    This is an awkward one and not totally sure where this should be posted
    My wife left me with no warning in March this year taking the dog with her.
    I should point out that she has been married twice before and me once before. The dog was from a litter my daughters dogs had and my daughter asked me to have one of the Pups as she was keen to know where all had gone, This was over 3 years ago.
    In March I came home to a letter from my exwife telling me she had left taking the dog with her!
    I made attempts to get her to share the dog as I accept that over the 3 years she had grown an attachment to the dog but nothing was forthcoming.
    In July I had to go to county court and asked the court to make an order, she tried to contest this and the Judge said this was a sad state of affairs as clearly we both loved this dog and suggested we made an agreement with mediation.
    Immediately after this she contacted me and said she wanted to make an agreement without the mediator, I agreed to make a form of agreement however I still wanted it discussed and agreed with the mediator and stamped by the court which was done.
    Things ran fine for about 2 months but then she stopped letting me see the dog and indeed upped and moved home to an address I now no longer know.
    I tried contacting after 5 weeks through her Son's told her I was going back to court to enforce the order at which point she agreed to start the sharing and I then saw the dog for a couple of weeks but again has now stopped me seeing the dog, saying she wants to do it through her son, as he is 23 this is not practical long term and indeed I have been stopped from seeing the dog as he has gone on holiday so the agreements made through mediation have stopped.
    I am sick and tired of this constant use of the dog as a means for her to persecute me.
    Am I right in believing that she is now in contempt of court for breaching this court order?
    If I go back to court given my Daughter is prepared to say she gave the dog to me and though at the time she accepted the dog was going to a loving home it is my dog which in law is classed as a chattel in law, that I should not only ask for her to be held in contempt but also I should ask that the court get her to return the dog to my custody?
    I didn't want to go down this line and did want to share time with the dog but I cannot continue to allow her to keep stopping contact whenever she feels like and especially as she chose to up and move and I now don't know the exact address of where she lives, I feel part of her reason for moving is so that she can eventually disappear with the dog.
    If I go back to court I assume enforcing the order will cost me yet more money?, I have already paid 300 for the initial order!
    If I pay will the court also order she pays the additional costs.
    Or should I just wait until my stepson comes back, get him to fetch the dog and then refuse to return the dog and let her pay and go back to court?
    Thanks in Advance
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