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My Ex Company didnt PAY ME help....

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  • My Ex Company didnt PAY ME help....

    Hello , i have left the company , and they have not payed me for all weeks work plus 3 days that i took ,,,,

    I gave all my notice to the company, i have work for them for almost 5 years
    i left the company , last 19 of July 2017 .

    i did get payed on end of july for the work that i done before ,untilt 10 of july (the page close on the 10th each month ) , from that month i did not receive PAYSLIP
    witch i cannot check if i was paid in full with the overtime that i done for that month... 10 june till 10 july ...
    Now from 10 july until the 19 july ,, i have done a all week work( 10-11-12-13-14th) , 37.5h plus 3 days ( 17-18-19 last day ) holliday that i took ,
    Wich i was ( still ) waiting to get payed on end of AUG....and DID NOT receive 1 penny .
    Spoke with Manager, he said that i had 10 days let from my holidays and send me to Payroll and Hr ...I did and iam waiting to hear from them for 2 days , dont answer the phone and dont call back...

    I would like to know if , you can help me .
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    Re: My Ex Company didnt PAY ME help....

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