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Fired for eating soup at desk.

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  • Fired for eating soup at desk.

    Hi. I'm ill. Digestive problems make it difficult to eat and swallow without gagging and vomiting. I'm on prescription drugs to deal with it, but still choke quite a bit (Particularly in the morning and lunch time. I have had this issue for over two years, but the Docs only diagnosed it and put me on meds maybe six months ago.

    Work has a "no eating at desk policy" (Which everybody ignores.) I am being disciplined for eating at my desk (Locked room, etc.) despite them knowing my medical situation. I am facing being fired, or at the very least, have had my salary cut by 2600.

    This is not the first time I've had issues with my employer. I have been bullied at work previously, including a physical assault (March 2016) and verbal abuse. It was, obviously, whitewashed, but it is on record.

    Any ideas on how to fight this?
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