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I need help re investigatory meeting

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  • I need help re investigatory meeting

    if i was working with an agency and i give my Verbal notice of resignation to managment is that binding? also if after around 2 weeks after my last shift with them they have still not processed my resignation and then call me in for an investigatory meeting can i contest? also if my old employer then divulges to my new employer the details of the investigation such as why im being investigated etc...before i have even attended the meeting, where do i stand with that?
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    Re: I need help re investigatory meeting

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      Re: I need help re investigatory meeting

      Hi sorry not to have responded sooner. When you say you were working with an agency what type of agency was it? Under the terms of your contract were you required to provide any notice to terminate your employment in writing.

      You ask "if after around 2 weeks after my last shift with them... " does this mean that you stopped working for them two weeks ago and if so what how long was this after you verbally gave your notice.

      Did you verbally give your notice because you thought that you were about to be asked to attend an investigatory meeting?

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