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  • Is this legal

    Can anybody shed some light on this issue for me please.I am employed as an HGV driver and part of my wages are made up from the revenue off the lorry.Like all drivers
    here we are mainly all paid the same way.We were also under the impression that we got a % of the lorrys earnings but this has been denied ever being said although it's not in writing.However "the revenue from the lorry" is in writing in my contract but it's non contractual and can be withdrawn at any time.Is this a legal way of doing things.I was always under the impression that this is frowned upon and has been for years as it was made illegal to stop driver running bent.Thanks In Advance
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    Re: Is this legal

    A quick look round, and it appears not to be illegal, although I did find one comment about performance related pay for truck drivers being prohibited



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