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Payment entitlement during work absence with disabilities

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  • Payment entitlement during work absence with disabilities

    A friend of mine has found herself in a very unfortunate situation.

    She recently returned to employment after years of raising afternoon supporting her children some of whom are autistic. She herself is autistic. She was accepted as liable for Income Support because of that disability but she wanted to work for her own self esteem.

    She successfully obtained employment with the NHS as a housekeeper. Things went well for over a year until she began to suffer from joint pains, tiredness and other symptoms. This made it increasingly difficult for her to undertake her duties. She began to lose time at work through lack of fitness. Her condition has been suspected as Lupus but not absolutely confirmed as such. This is a condition recognised as an impairment and a disability.

    Her employer has recognised that reasonable adjustments should be put in place but have not confirmed which measures will be adopted. Unfortunately during discussions over this matter her suffering had reached such a level that she went on long-term absence and has been off work for the past 4 months. During that time she has been advised by her employer's Occupational Health Specialist and a rheumatologist that she is not fit for work.

    She has now reached the end of her employers sick pay period. What is she entitled to in respect of benefits?

    What could she expect in respect of a planned return to work and agreement of reasonable adjustments?
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    Re: Payment entitlement during work absence with disabilities

    Probably ESA https://www.gov.uk/employment-suppor...wance/overview
    Also maybe carers premium along with that




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