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  • Grievance Letters

    Hello hoping someone can shed some light on something at work.

    Last week I was informed that 2 grievance letters had been handed in regarding an incident that had happened 2 weeks ago (apparently I had raised my voice when discussing the failure of an employee to follow correct procedure). I am a team leader and the letters were off 2 employees who report to me. As the incident was deemed minor I was asked to meet with the employees in question to explain the circumstances and put it to rest.

    However during the chat I was made aware that they had not raised the issue but a fellow member of the management team had approached them regarding the incident ask them for the details and then typed up the letters himself, then asking the employees to sign and date before handing them into the Operations Director.

    So my question is, Is this an acceptable manner for a grievance to be raised? I only ask as one of the employees has now asked for the letter to be removed as he didn't think the incident warranted being raised. Also I have been refused the right to read the letters in question. Surely a grievance letter should be written by the employee raising it? Obviously if they had asked for help then fine but for this member of management to write the letter and just ask them to sign it seems wrong? It looks to me as if they have the issue with me and not the employee and they saw this as an opportunity to get me pulled in and disciplined. Or am I being paranoid?

    I have asked for this to be looked into but feel it has been brushed under the carpet and forgotten about. No one has spoken to me about the letters or the concerns I raised and now I feel like I should follow it up?

    Sorry it is so long but I am struggling to put this to rest and would like some external input.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Re: Grievance Letters

    Have you spoken to your union?. If you didnt join one why not?
    If not try speaking to acas. I cant see qhy you shouldnt see the letters otherwise you cant defend yourself. It sounds like your employer is trying to get rid of you.


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      Re: Grievance Letters

      Thanks for the reply seduraed

      I am not a member of a union, the only reason being that the industry I am in doesn't have a recognised one nor was I able to decide what would suit my needs.

      I am glad it appears that way to you as I was genuinely considering going to a doctor to say I am experiencing paranoia. Although if I am honest the member of management who did this is not actually above me. He would be considered below my position all I can think is either it is personal or he has been asked to look for something.

      On a side note do you think joining a union would be beneficial?

      Thanks again for the reply.
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