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  • Injury

    Good evening everyone, hope you had a good day.

    I need your advice. Here goes

    If a member of the public attends a centre whilst there occur a serious injury which results in medical attention. These are my questions:

    What cause of actions is expected from the workplace regarding protocol?

    Due to the seriousness of the injury, what time period should the workplace notified all parties involved that there will be an investigation?

    My last question is, can the workplace management request a report from the medical profession regarding their conclusion?
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    Re: Injury

    Hi Ann-Sarah,

    I will need a little more information I am afraid before I can help. You appear to indicate that a member of the public has sustained an injury but then mention workplaces. Is this an employee who has injured themselves? What is the location of the accident (not address detail, but is it on a staircase, a slip or trip, an industrial accident)? A few more details would be helpful.

    In order to be successful in a personal injury claim you have to show that the other party, whether employer or owner of the location the accident occurred at, had been negligent and therefore the accident happened which caused the person to sustain an injury.

    In addition to proving that the other party had been negligent, the injured party also has to show that they have sustained 'damage' an injury that has caused them pain and suffering that is not minimal in its effect. There may be other losses as well that flow from the result of the injury, for example if you slipped on a wet floor and broke your leg and then couldn't work so lost wages, these could also potentially be claimed from the person or organisation that has been negligent. To prove the injury was as a result of that negligence and that it had an impact on the injured party to the extent they claim, then it is necessary for medical evidence to be obtained. In addition any other losses such as prescription charges for painkillers or loss of earnings have to be shown through documentary evidence such as wage slips and receipts.

    There are occasions when accidents happen that are no-ones fault. Health and safety and depending on the scenario, risk assessments, employee training and a many other factors are considered, in deciding whether the person or organisation has been negligent and is therefore liable to pay the injured party damages. Hence I would need further information on the facts to assist you further.

    If you can let me know a bit more I may be able to point you in the right direction and answer your questions a bit more accurately.
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