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Leaving work early....

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  • Leaving work early....

    Hi folks,
    First post....
    I started a new job 2 months ago. Set to work 12 hour shifts. But when the boss phoned a few days before I was due to start he told me my first couple of days would probably be office hours because I'll be in HR, H&S and all other types of meetings.

    So, day 1 arrives and sure enough I am in loads of meetings. The day shif start going home and as I was sat there doing nothing I asked if it was ok if I went too. That set my work hours at about 9-6 maybe 6.30. Anyhoo, I'm given permission to leave by the boss.

    At my 1 month review a few weeks later I got told off for leaving early by the guy who'd authorised me to leave.

    I was that gobsmacked I took it on the chin but felt hard done by. I have a 2 month review soon and wanted to mention my feelings about the situation. Obviously I'm still in my probation period so I don't want to be overly bolshy.

    So the question is, should I? I'm not sure if it went on my record officially so I'm not sure whether to make a big deal of it but surely if I ask for permission to leave and get it they then can't tell me off for it. They should have just said no you can't go. Am I wrong?

    Thanks, Slog
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    Re: Leaving work early....

    Personally, I would continue to take it on the chin - if the manager had come to you off his own back and said 'everyone's going home and there's nothing really for you to do this evening you should go home'' then that would be different to you asking if it was okay to leave and him giving permission.

    Unless it causes a further issue within your 2 month review I would leave it be. If it is raised by them, you could maybe say that you understand you may have misjudged the situation on your first day in asking to leave early and in future if in that position (bored ( don't say bored tho lol), everyones gone home etc) ask if there is anything you can do further rather than asking to go home early.

    Otherwise I completely agree with you, as he gave you permission it's mean to hold it against you - but getting through your probabtion period so you have job security is probably more important than a little niggle at the moment xx
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      Re: Leaving work early....

      Thanks A, I'll see what happens




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