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    Employment status consultation PDF, 761KB, 55 pages
    Employment status is at the core of both employment law and the tax system – it determines the rights that an individual gets, and the taxes that they and the business they work for must pay. But, as the review highlights, the current framework can often fail to provide the clarity and certainty that individuals and businesses need. This is increasingly the case for those who are working in new ways, including those working through digital platforms in the ‘gig economy’.

    This lack of clarity can lead to some people and businesses wasting time and energy trying to understand the rules, and it allows unscrupulous employers and individuals to game the system in order to save on employment costs and taxes. Ultimately this leaves some people with the wrong employment status, preventing them from accessing the employment rights they’re entitled to, and costing the taxpayer hundreds of millions of pounds each year in lost tax and National Insurance contributions.
    You probably have to be quite heavily involved in Employment Law to respond to the consultation ( it's a bit like a law degree assignment lol ) but there are some interesting sections, particularly if you are currently arguing the case for employment status rather than worker or self employed status ( like Delivery and Uber drivers etc ) Â*

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