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Hello all - Equal Pay - backdated?

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  • Hello all - Equal Pay - backdated?

    Just joined the forum. I am a silver surfer with little or no experience of this type of site. Looking forward to getting help with an employment pay issu.
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    Another employee is paid more than me for the same job. Company have agreed to increase my salary to an equal sum. They will pay me back pay to the date I asked for parity. Can I expect to get back pay from the date the difference began?


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      Tagging Ula mariefab for help - although to me it would seem fair that it would be backdated back to when the discrepancy arose, rather than when you happened to find out about it.

      This is based on sex related unequal pay cases; I don't know if that is the case in your case ?
      If you succeed in your claim for equal pay, then you may be
      entitled to backdated pay and interest for up to six years
      from the date you lodged your claim, provided you can show
      that you were doing equal work for that period. As a result,
      equal pay claims can be of significant value. Equal pay claims
      are probably the most complex of all employment claims so
      it is very important to take advice as early as possible.
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        Thank you. I will need to get legal advice I think.


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          If this was being determined by an Employment Tribunal then back-pay for the difference between what you received and what the comparator person received is a maximum period of 6 years, plus there is a provision for interest on the back-pay.
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          If you have any doubts then do please seek professional legal advice.

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