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    Hi, brief details..
    on the 27th July was told that tuition fee loan would be accepted for a module due to start in October 2015.

    I lost a close family member prior to this plus also my wife suffered a miscarriage of our 4th child (1st week in August).

    Delayed our holiday because of this.

    Got back end of august, checked my emails from OU, just to keep informed of various things etc..to be told via email, I was given wrong incorrect information during the telephone call in July and that I would have to pay the fee before the module started.

    I applied to SFE way before and was shown as being paid in three stages to the Open Uni.

    I have set the complaints procedure going with the OU however they haven't upheld my complaint thus far even though they admitted they made an error.

    I now cannot study so have to re apply next year (2016), switch my degree onto the new pathway and I will have to pay the full fee structure as I am a pre 2012 student so thus far, until their error, was on Transitional funding. Student Finance England would have seen this as the amount was only 450 not 1250 for a post 2012 student. Why on earth wasn't this raised by SFE to the Open university..I did inform the OU and they said my initial application was going to be accepted and "not too worry"..

    Just feel severely let down by the Open University and now have to write a letter and send it as the last part of their complaints and appeals procedures, their error is going to cost me approximately 13,000 in fees rather than 4-5000 based on the pre 2012 funding which I would have had until 2017.
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    Re: Open University

    The Open University and student loans will sort this for you

    My course module started on the 4th October 2015
    I made the mistake of requesting my student loan for the 2015-2016 year
    It should have been the 2014-2015 year

    Student Finance England has just cancelled my loan for the 2015-2016 application and given me the 2014-2015 year

    You go onto your Student Finance England account and you have to print off the 2014-2015 application for your loan, sign and post back to Student Finance England. You cannot do it on line now as that academic year has now closed

    Send the Open University an email as to the situation and that Student Finance England are now instigating funding

    I am amazed your fee module for the year is 450.00
    Mine is 1400


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      Re: Open University

      For a 30 Credit module I pay (or was) 450, for a 60 Credit module 700 ish as I was on Transitional arrangements from pre 2012, prior to the new fee structures, thats why they are lower than yours, if you are a post 2012 student..if not, you should be on Transitional Fee arrangements until 2017 when these end.

      I am on the B65 BSc Open. I will have to leave this pathway, lose 45 credits of study also as the are Q structure does now allow for short courses , 10 or 15 credit modules, to be transferred..only 30 or 60 credit modules...

      I have fought with the Open university over this as it is their error alone and they will not uphold my complaint so have been forced miss this year of study.

      I signed the forms from SFE and posted these back to the OU. I was away in holiday and they sent me emails on the 11th August stating they wouldn not accept the loan as payment as I wasn't eligible, even though they state donate phone in the 27th July that this was "an exceptional"circumstance. they have now gone back on their word that "everything is fine"...was stressful enough with a funeral then my wife miscarriage, with little empathy shown..

      I am at the final stage of the complaints procedure and as far as i can tell, the likelihood is I wont get anywhere, as per the emails I have had..I can post these up for a read if you wish.

      SFE shows loan is still live and payments scheduled to the Open University.


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        Re: Open University

        All i can say is my issue started two weeks ago with a letter from the OU stating unless they receive funding i will be removed from the course.

        It has now been settled and funding is in place

        You just have to be persistent with SFE and the OU to rush things along


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          Re: Open University

          I have lost my appeal, its off the Adjudicator for higher education now..


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            Re: Open University
            • Open Universities provide education through open-door academic policy, i.e. a system of education wherein admission is granted to the candidates on basis of minimum education and previous academic record, experience or references are not mandatory.



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