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CCJ Paperwork - dispute

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  • CCJ Paperwork - dispute

    I have a number of debts dating from around 2008 - 2012.
    I had a child and relationship break up in 2010. I was homeless between 2010 - 2011 and moved to my current address in 2011.
    I am aware there were a couple of debts from before my break up which would not have been settled. However, as it was so long ago, I don't recall who they were with.
    Aside from this, a number of debts also showed up on my credit report ranging from 2008 up to as late as 2013 which most definitely aren't mine. They appear to be catalogues and registered at an address which I've never lived at. One was opened in 2013 - I was at my current address in 2013 - a different address to where this account was opened.
    Today, I have received, what looks like, County Court documents from Lowell Portfolio 1 Ltd.
    It says it is for a debt which defaulted in 2012. Ive just checked my credit report and that states the original account was opened in 2008. However, both sources only cite my current address and without knowing what address the account was opened with, I have no idea whether or not it actually belongs to me.
    It says I have 14 days to respond.
    Do I contact Lowell directly and ask for the historic information on this account?
    Or do I just dispute it on this paperwork?
    Note: I have disputed the debts which don't belong to me in the past. Lowell remain insistent they are mine and they still appear on my credit report.
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    Re: CCJ Paperwork - dispute

    First Steps || Acknowledge a Claim = tick defensdall no contact with lowells at that stage then follow the CCA request and the CPR31.14 to lowells solicitors

    read and re-read the above | CCA Request Letter || CPR 31.14 Request Letter

    lowells will dispute and state the debts are yours, now is the time to get them to prove their statement using the letters above


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      Re: CCJ Paperwork - dispute

      Thank you. I have acknowledged the claim. I made a mistake though and also ticked "intend to dispute court jurisdiction" - does that make a difference?
      I've also completed and printed both letters to send on Monday.
      What date do I file my dispute statement by?


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        Re: CCJ Paperwork - dispute

        I did on one it was ignored anyway regarding dispute jurisdiction,

        Dispute what that not needed at this stage because you are sending for info, only what is mentioned on the court form nothing else, other stuff if necessary later down the line.

        re-read getting started for the way to handle the case ans send Recorded Delivery attach copy of receipts to your file copy of request, no need to talk to lowells at all at this stage only show your weakness to them if you did and they will walk all over you!


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          Re: CCJ Paperwork - dispute

          Okay, so I just wait it out and see what happens until filing my defence on 9th September?


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            Re: CCJ Paperwork - dispute


            What is he date in the claim form, once acknowledged you have 33 days from the date on the claim form to submit your defence.

            It would help if you could type out the particulars of claim word for word - depending on what they say will depend on what you can ask for in your CPR request.

            How much is the claim for? Again this may be important as if over about 10K it could go fast track with costs implications, but also means you could get a no win no fee solicitor

            It is probably worth sending a SAR to the original creditor so you can find out what details they hold and if they match up with what the claimants say
            Any advice or opinions I offer are based on my experience dealing with personal debt as well as other life events.
            I have no formal legal training
            Any advice is offered without liability
            If in doubt take professional legal advice or contact the CAB


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              Re: CCJ Paperwork - dispute

              I made a mistake though and also ticked "intend to dispute court jurisdiction"
              You could just email Northampton CCBC & advise them of the mistake.
              Put (Lowell) v (khkh8509), Claim No. (XXXXXXXX) in the email subject box
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