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Lowell/O2/county court business centre claim

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    Re: Lowell/O2/county court business centre claim

    Hey again!

    They said that to me too, couldn’t provide the proof (obviously they didn’t know that I was dealing with all this paperwork for my OH) and it was just a mere waiting game in the end. I’ve been consumed with stress, I won’t deny that. I burst into tears when we got the discontinuance letter. It was so relieving & just felt like my persistence and hard work paid off and it very much did and I don’t believe that debt was ever true and it would have been around 1,000 to pay by the time they had finished adding court costs on left, right and centre.

    Stay strong! Please let me know how you go, I really hope it’s good news for you too!


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      Re: Lowell/O2/county court business centre claim

      Im about to do my witness statement. The last letter i got from Lowell Solicitors was a response for some information around the debt which they refused to provide. What did you write to the judge in your case and was this part of your witness statement?





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