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**RETAIL LOSS PREVENTION** / 4TH LETTER / Need Help & advice please !!!

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  • **RETAIL LOSS PREVENTION** / 4TH LETTER / Need Help & advice please !!!

    Hi all

    I am new here and have been reading posts about RLP from 2012 on this forum but unsure if things have changed , or it applies to my situation . so i have now registered and looking for some help/ advice , regarding the RLP "civil recovery specialists" .

    My current situation is that i have received 4 letters. On the fourth one they have now dropped the price they wish me to pay , which rang alarm bells as i thought it would go up if anything. so am now wondering do i pay them at all.

    What i have received the letter regarding, was in january of this year i had returned items to tk maxx, which i had initially brought in another tk maxx but the receipt was out of refund time, so i took the tags off the new ones i had brought from tk maxx which fitted and put them on the ones that did not fit which receipt was out of date for , did this on a couple tee shirts that didn't fit aswell, but all items new with tags and unworn just the fact they did not fit and at the time i had just been made redundant and was signed off with depression and my partner had just left so clearly wasn't thinking right. As i was not trying to commit freed i was returning items of the same value in brand new condition, just they did not fit.

    so i took the items back to the store and got a refund, and saw the store manager who authorised this with the new checkout guy.

    I then returned to the store on the 3rd of June and was looking around at the clothes etc , when the security guard that looks after the area of shops came up behind me and whispered my name , turned round and was like how can i help. which he then said can we have a word took me downstairs to a room out the back and had the bag full of stuff i had returned in January and this is now june . so to begin with i was a bit confused and didn't understand , then he explained and i told him it was all tk maxx stuff i had returned for the same value as it didn't fit , the manager lady wasn't having it and said to try get the police involved , which the security guard tried and they where to busy to attend so the security guard gave me a "permanent banning notice" and "notice of recovery" .

    Then after i explained my situation of being made redundant and being mentally unwell at the time , along with my partner leaving and was handed this notice informed me i should ring the RLP people ASAP and explain my situation.

    I didn't do this and called them after i received the third letter,stating i had been away and will be seeking appropriate advise before i proceed with anything.

    and from then i have received the fourth letter. which i am now unsure of how to move forward.

    which all of this is crazy as if i was in work i would have just paid it without thinking because the threat of the police etc was enough to scare me as i hadn't bee in trouble with the police or anything like this before

    i have attached all the documents below , sorry for rambling on but trying to give as much info as possible.

    help much appreciated !!!

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    Re: **RETAIL LOSS PREVENTION** / 4TH LETTER / Need Help & advice please !!!

    The case will probably go to a debt collection firm now, see letter 5 - http://legalbeagles.info/forums/show...ry-Letters-RLP - then seems to go back to RLP ... not many people hear anything further after the debt collection agency letter. They might try a further letter as you contacted them ( I'd not bother doing that again)

    Do you know how they've calculated the £254.88 ? just out of interest - was that the value of the goods you returned for refund in saleable condition?
    I'm away till the 24th August - please contact @Kati if needed

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      Re: **RETAIL LOSS PREVENTION** / 4TH LETTER / Need Help & advice please !!!

      They've dropped the price"
      No need to read more!! (but I did and TK lost almost nothing...what loss is caused by returning goods after the time allowed?)
      If they are so sure of their position why would they be begging you to pay a lower amount to stop their so far unsuccessful attempts to relieve you of your money?
      You are coming to the end of the paper trial, although you might yet receive one or two from debt collectors.

      Just keep ignoring.
      The only letters not to ignore come from court, and you won't see those.


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