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RLP : Fine to pay

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  • RLP : Fine to pay

    I was caught stealing a product from txmaxx, which was 4. I was taken to a room in the back and asked for ID, i didnt have any but the guy said he didnt want to call the police for something minor but he might have to. The product was returned to them. They took down my name and address(i had to show proof of my address or they would call the police) i signed a letter showing i was banned for 12 months. I was told i would receive a letter from RLP stating how much i had to pay, in which i would have to pay over the phone, if i didnt pay, "baliffs and such" would have to get involved(i was told because it was so small the fine would be small and around 30, which i wouldnt mind paying but i dont beleive). I then left.
    My questions are
    -Will the fine have to pay be alot
    -Should i ignore
    -If i ignore will they call the police which means i would get a record which would show up on a crb
    -Would a debt collector getting involed result in something showing up on my crb/ at my door

    Help would be appreciated,thanks
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    Re: RLP : Fine to pay

    Hi and welcome to LB

    First up, any demand from RLP is not a fine.
    It is an unwarranted demand for money, a speculative invoice.

    Police were not involved, and will not now be involved.
    There will be no court action, civil or criminal

    Bailiffs will not be involved.
    They only come into play after a court case.
    Debt collectors might eventua;lly write you a letter or two, but they have as much authority as RLP, which is zilch.

    Ignore all RLP letters, even those written in red ink.
    In this country we have the rule of law, which does not include firms like RLP
    There are many threads here on LB and elsewhere on the internet, all saying IGNORE.



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