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    I was stopped at Tescos today accused of taking goods without paying for them. I was emptying my shopping into my car and grabbed my spare bags and amongst them was a mascara that I hadn't paid for. I was given a banning order from all Tescos stores for 6 months and told that Civil Recovery Limited would be touch. I don't know what it do, it was a genuine mistake, I was given no time to explain what must of happened just told that they had it on CCTV that I picked the item up, did my shopping and left without paying for it, I can't deny that I did it because I obviously did but there was no intent and it was a genuine mistake, where do I go from here, any advice would be great.

    Thanks Lisa
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    Re: Civil Recovery

    Hi Imillswood

    I'm going to move your thread to our Civil Recovery Forum. Have a good read of that forum to make sure you fully understand the extremely limited powers of such companies!

    Civil Recovery - Legal Beagles Consumer Forum
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