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False Identity and bailiffs

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  • False Identity and bailiffs

    Hello there.... I'm hoping for some useful advice on an issue I have. About 3 months ago I received a letter from a magistrates court regarding a shoplifting fine by someone who has given my address and used a similar part of name. I called the court and was told by an automated machine to send in a letter and proof of my name and address which I did straight away, I then get another letter a few weeks later demanding payment again as 'Veronica' hasnt paid the fine. I write, fax and email them again explaining that the thief has given a false name and address and to remove me from there list as I wont be paying the fine.

    I though it had all gone away but on Monday I received a letter from a Bailiff company demanding payment in 7 days or they will be round to seize goods! I have tried calling and writing to them but as of yet have heard nothing. I know I dont let the bailiffs in to the house but can they really act on this when I have proved that I am not the offender? I have had the Police invloved but they cannot do anything and I can get legal advice as it is a civil matter. I have now, due to utter desperation, contacted the supermarket involved and spoken to their customer services dept and they are now investigating. It appears that no-one has bothered to read or acknowledge any of my correspondence hence why i'm now being bothered by bully's....

    anyone know what on earth I can do next? i'm out of ideas........

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    Re: False Identity and bailiffs

    Go to the court with the documents that you have been sent, including the letter from the bailiffs along with proof of your identity and demand that they instruct the bailiffs to cease collection activity at once.

    If you cannot visit the Magistrates Court, then write with copies of the documents and address your letter to the Court Manager and demand a response within seven days or you will hold them responsible for any costs that you incur.

    In addition, send the following letter to the bailiff firm without delay.

    Dear Sir/Madam


    That any visit to the above property post (add date of this letter) by yourselves, your agents, or those otherwise acting on your behalf or upon your instructions, stating either verbally or in writing an intention, unlawfully or by force, or guile (and other than by express invitation) to enter these premises and remove property, will result in the arrest of the agent/person concerned for attempted burglary. Steal shall mean any removal or attempted removal, or intention to remove, any property in which you have no lawful Title or Property therein.

    I reserve the right to produce a copy of this Notice to the Court in future proceedings.

    Yours faithfully

    cc. (Magistrates Court Name)



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